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Quite simply, children matter, therefore the experience that we provide for the children in our schools matters.

We care about what happens to children and endeavour to provide learning experiences and emotional support that count towards their overall quality of life, now and into adulthood.

There is no greater service, than our service to them.

Our vision is that every child will achieve their personal and academic potential through targeted support and learning opportunities and that, tthroughout their time in our schools, every child will feel safe, happy, valued and included.

Education is for life, and we are relentless in our pursuit of the delivery of academic, social and emotional leaning in order that we learn well, respect each other and, ultimately, flourish together as confident and stable individuals.

Teaching that is underpinned by sound pedagogical knowledge of the curriculum returns better outcomes for all. Therefore, CST provides all staff with opportunities for high quality professional and personal development as part of a drive for continuous improvement.

The exceptional outcomes reached by the children means that CST is recognised by the wider community as a high performing trust that is desirable to parents and carers.

An essential component in providing the very best opportunities for all CST children is maximizing and sustaining the trust’s assets.

The Executive Officer, the heateachers of the schools and the trustees judiciously plan to use income to enhance provision, opportunities and the trust estates, all with one single purpose; to provide the very best outcomes for all!

Graeme Burgess
Chief Executive Officer